Are you ready to fly to Mars?

How much do we invest in ecology? Particle "eco" in the word "ecology" in translation from ancient Greek means "home". How much money do the owners send to maintain their household? A good owner spends much more than 1-2% of the family budget for keeping the house clean and beautiful. But if it comes to the fact that our home is the whole Earth, then we are sending too little money into the care of our global home; we assign ourselves much more than we give in return. Currently, investments in ecology make up only 1% of GDP.
Are you ready to fly to Mars?

In recent years, many countries have been actively developing their space programs, exploring space, including on the subject of suitability for life of earthlings.

Humanity is seriously focused on the creation of extraterrestrial colonies because it fears a global environmental catastrophe that could happen on Earth.

The environment has become dangerous to human health. And if we do not increase investment in environmental protection now, then, according to scientists, we are inevitably waiting for a global planetary collapse that will simply force the inhabitants of the planet to leave the planet, for example, fly to Mars. And if we can all fly to him and survive there?

The laws by which nature acts are always there, and only now people have almost realized the scale of the disaster, are trying to do something to resurrect what has already been almost destroyed, to restore the spoiled, to prevent further destruction of nature. And only we, all together, must and can save our planet and build a safer world for our and future generations.

The Ecostart project is aimed at solving global environmental problems. If you do not want to fly to Mars, start helping the Earth!

We offer an effective solution for financing environmental projects using blockchain technology. You can make a contribution to saving the ecology of the Earth right now together with Ecostart

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